Friday, March 19, 2010

Turn any surface into a touch screen!

  • These are the days of touch screens. But to get these facilities one need to get the entire gadget what so ever it be like an i Phone, Black Berry storm or an HTC HD2
  • But just think how wonderful it would be it you can transform any solid surface into a touch screen by pacing just a thin sheet of film over it? Well. This is just what Portugal based Displex has come out with. 
  • Just place the sheet on or under a glass or plastic or wooden sheet and press to it. That is all to be done by you transform it into a touch screen! 
  • Creating the magic is an assortment of nanowires embedded in the film that recognizes your fingers and transmits information to a micro controller and software suite that, in turn, shows what you have entered on your computer.
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Jesmin said...

Is it really possible? should i change MY phone in to touch screen surface. that is really fantastic . I like it so much.........IT is really such a impressive thing in the mobile phones or other gadgets......

john said...

WOw amazing. I like what you have said.

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